Getting to campus

Here you’ll find directions to find us and transport tips on getting here via the most convenient route.

Life on campus

Life at La Trobe isn’t simply about attending classes and hitting the books. There’s always something going on that you can get involved in!

Where to find us

Find us right on campus!

La Trobe College is located in the Sylvia Walton Building on the Melbourne campus, and on Level X of the Sydney campus.

Your trip to campus can be a great time to catch up on study, chill out, or even get in some exercise.

We asked students at our Melbourne campus for their best transport tips for getting to campus by public transport car, or cycling. Learn more about sustainable transport options, car parking permits and car park locations at Transport central.

Transport tips

Use these transport tips for getting to campus

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  • Plan your trip to uni to avoid traffic (especially peak hour traffic)
  • Take a route that stays off the busy roads, or
  • Leave for uni before peak hour

Explore our carpool and car share programs, and parking on campus.

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Find out more about riding to campus.

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La Trobe University has its own on-campus bus service that can collect you from various points around the campus and drop you off at key university facilities.

For international students

Find out how to get around Melbourne easily on public transport! Watch the video unit to learn how you can get started by obtaining your Myki card.