Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Mentors

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Mentors are high-achieving students you can talk to and seek advice about study experience.

Academic support

Learn about the other types of academic and study support resources available to you at LTCA.

Support from your peers

Learn from high-achieving students with excellent communication skills

Our Peer Assisted Learning Mentors are trained to support La Trobe College Australia students to help you progress successfully in your studies.

PAL Mentors help you by:

  • providing approachable, supportive, encouraging and confidential consultations
  • advising you about the expectations associated with being a successful student
  • helping you get organised and by assisting you to develop effective study habits
  • providing information on other support services available at La Trobe College Australia and La Trobe University
  • offering learning support to help you succeed in your units
  • assisting you with unit-related queries through face-to-face meetings or online via Zoom

PAL support services

Know what PAL mentors can and cannot do for you

PAL Mentors do:

  • guide students towards a better understanding of an assignment’s requirements
  • guide students to come to their own understanding of certain elements of a unit’s content

PAL Mentors do not:

  • proof-read or edit work for students nor do they re-teach the content of classes/tutorials
  • assist students with the content of assignments, as this would be collusion

If more critical support is needed, a PAL Mentor may refer you back to your lecturer or to the Student Learning Advisor.

Meet with a PAL Mentor            

You can make an appointment with one of our PAL Mentors by reaching out to them online or visiting the foyer in our Sylvia Walton Building. Make a booking by clicking ‘Support’ on the Student Portal, then choose ‘Book a PAL Mentor’ from the drop-down menu.