La Trobe Student Association (LTSA)

The La Trobe Student Association (LTSA) is your dedicated student support organisation.

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There are over 100 clubs and societies to choose from at La Trobe University, including those based on sports, academics, culture and more.

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The backbone to student life at La Trobe

The La Trobe Student Association (LTSA) provides student support and services to all La Trobe students, including La Trobe College Australia students.

The La Trobe Student Association is funded by the Student Services and Amenities Fee to improve student life. 

Dedicated LTSA staff run events and activities across all La Trobe campuses, support Student Theatre and Film, and assist students in running clubs and societies. 

In addition, the LTSA provides the following free services to individual students:

  • Financial counselling
  • Legal advice
  • Food relief
  • Independent advocacy service

They also have a team member dedicated to supporting international students, who organises events, activities and opportunities to enhance your Australian experience.

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What does the LTSA do?

The LTSA works hard to make student life better, providing outstanding student support and services for La Trobe Students across all campuses. Learn more about what they do here.