Arriving in Melbourne

Follow the steps below for a smooth and stress-free arrival in Australia.

Explore our Melbourne campus

With over 26,000 students, Melbourne is home to La Trobe University’s largest campus. Learn more about campus life at La Trobe.

Prepare for your arrival

Step one: Book your flight!

We suggest you arrive in Australia at least one week before orientation day to give you plenty of time to get settled in. Make sure you have packed everything you’ll need, including clothing for hot and cold weather, enough money, and all your important documents. Learn more about what to bring here .

For 10 important steps to complete before you arrive, view our pre-departure checklist here.


Arriving at the airport

Follow these steps for a smooth run through airport security

All passengers arriving in Australia must complete an Incoming Passenger Card. This should be given to you on the plane before landing. It is vital that you answer all questions on this card truthfully. You can see a sample of the card here.

Simply follow the signs to Baggage Claim. These will lead you to the immigration desk where you will need to show your:

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Incoming Passenger Card

If for some reason your bags are not there, you can approach the lost baggage desk and they will be able to help you locate them.

Here, customs officials will check your baggage and your Incoming Passenger Card. Make sure you have noted any restricted or prohibited items.

There are items that you cannot bring into Australia. These include fresh food, animal products and plant material. For a full list, please click here.

If you have a prohibited item and do not declare it, you will be charged a minimum AUD$220 fine. If you declare the item, it will be inspected and you may be allowed to bring it with you into Australia.