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La Trobe College Australia has a network of representatives all over the world to help you with your application.

Our representatives

Find a La Trobe College Australia representative in most major cities

The role of a La Trobe College Australia representative is to help you with your application to study with Navitas. For students who need help selecting their La Trobe College Australia course or campus, or who need help applying for a visa, speaking to a La Trobe College Australia representative will ensure your enrolment is as easy and as efficient as possible.

Download the list of La Trobe College Australia Representatives Here

We look forward to welcoming you to La Trobe College Australia and La Trobe University!

If you plan on seeking immigration advice or assistance, we recommend you use a migration agent who is a registered member from the Office of the Migration Registration Authourity (OMARA). OMARA registered agents must meet high professional standards and their conduct is regulated, including the fees they are allowed to charge.  To find an OMARA registered migration agent, click here Register of Migration Agents

If you wish to use an unregistered agent outside of Australia, ensure  you understand what you can reasonably expect from them and know your options if the agent acts incompetently, dishonestly or fraudulently. If you suspect an unregistered migration agent is engaging in criminal behaviour, you should report them to your local law enforcement authority and inform your local immigration office.