Student Support

Study and Academic Support

Student Learning Advisors

The Student Learning Advisor can assist you with a range of support services. This ranges from Learning Access Plans for students with learning requirements that have been diagnosed such as ADHD, assistance with improving writing, help with learning how to start an assignment or how to research. We also have a Student Learning Advisor who can assist you with science related subjects.

To make an appointment with a Student Learning Advisor, current students can go to the Student Portal, click on Support then choose a Student Learning Advisor to make an appointment with. Students have the choice to meet with the Student Learning Advisor on campus or online using Zoom.

Click HERE to make an appointment. 

PAL Mentors

Peer Assisted Learning Mentors or PALs are students who have or are studying at the College. Students can speak to a PAL to discuss and compare learning experiences. PALs can also give students advice on time management, study tips, discuss cultural differences assignment advice and research tips. This option is available to all of our current students.

Wellbeing Hub

Our Student Wellbeing Hub is located on Level 5 of the Sylvia Walton Building and is a great place for students to get help with all academic and College related issues. Our PAL mentors are located within the hub, as is our Student Services team and Counselling team. If you have a question, you will get an answer if you visit our Wellbeing Hub.


If you have any questions, whether it is personal😢, mental health and wellbeing😔 or relationship-related issues💗, please feel free to make an appointment with him at

Don’t be afraid, ask away! Counselling sessions are confidential and free of charge for all currently enrolled LTCA students.

Prayer room

Melbourne campus

La Trobe University has separate prayer rooms and ablution facilities for men and women. Congregational prayers are conducted Friday lunchtimes in the brothers' and sisters' prayer rooms (Education 2 Building). The facilities are kept locked, so before your first visit, email the La Trobe University Islamic Society to get the security code. There are also two mosques located close to the Melbourne campus, in Heidelberg and Preston.

For all you need to know about the services La Trobe offers international Muslim students, and a directory of services in and around the La Trobe University Melbourne campus, please visit the page for Muslim students.