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Undergraduate Certificate of Life Science

The Undergraduate Certificate of Life Science offers a broad introduction to Bioscience topics that examine how the living world around us works. In undertaking this certificate, you have the opportunity to gain introductory knowledge in the biological and chemical concepts that govern life, and the statistical concepts that are used to model these interactions. You will then explore these concepts in lecture and tutorial classes then apply their knowledge and gain the physical skills in practical experiments. This knowledge and complimentary skills are the first step towards you helping solve global issues.

Students who successfully complete the Undergraduate Certificate of Life Science may be eligible to enter the Diploma of Bioscience.


Year Domestic Student International Student



Not available

Eligible students can get a HECS-HELP loan to pay their student contribution amount.

For further information on the Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs) and to check your eligibility, please visit website.


One trimester


March & June



The 4 subjects listed below are required for completion of the Certificate

  • Molecules, Genes and Cells (SBIO1MGC)
  • Chemistry Foundations (SCHE1CHF)
  • Human Bioscience A (HHBS1HBA)
  • Statistics for Life Sciences (SSTA1LS

Articulation options

This certificate provides students with basic skills to enter an entry level position that require a basic understanding of Scientific and statistical procedures. Returning to college, students may study four more subjects to complete the Diploma of Bioscience. With this Diploma, students may be eligible for entry to the second year of listed Bachelor courses at La Trobe University.

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