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English for Further Studies

English for further studies (English for Academic Purposes)

Not confident you’ll be ready to study in a new language? This English program gives students additional English support through the development of their academic and language skills.

In this program, students are equipped with all the tools they need to thrive in an Australian academic setting. They’ll learn self-study techniques, become familiar with lecturer expectations, and get a better understanding of all the different forms of academic coursework.

This is achieved through:

  • Library and project research
  • Academic reading, listening and note taking
  • Presentations and public speaking
  • Academic essay and report writing
  • Critical thinking and analysis

The English for Further Studies course is offered at La Trobe University’s Melbourne campus, and can be packaged with your academic course into a single offer letter.Study English in Melbourne

If you’d prefer to study in Sydney, your academic course can also be packaged with an Academic English course delivered by Navitas English. All you have to do is indicate on your application form that you are interested in enrolling in an ELICOS program in Sydney.

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English courses

English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (known as ELICOS) includes General English and English for further studies (English for Academic Purposes.

Students studying English have access to the Independent Learning Centre (ILC), student advisory and support services, computer and language laboratories, field trips and excursions, cultural studies, and language and social activities which allows them to experience the full Australian University life. English language students also have access to and use of La Trobe University's campus facilities.

There are two shifts for English language programs:

Shift 1 9.00 to 11.00am 1.00 to 3.00pm
Shift 2 11.00am to 1.00pm 3.00 to 5.00pm

Note: You must be available for either shift.

Students can participate in the free Learner Support Sessions to enhance their skills. These sessions may include:

  • Academic Writing
  • Conversion with La Trobe University Students
  • English through drama
  • IELTS preparation
  • Listening through song
  • Paraphrasing and summary writing
  • Reading Skills
  • Ready for work
  • Speaking Skills
  • Using the Media to learn English
  • Vocabulary for academic writing


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Levels and Outcomes

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English for Further Studies Entry requirements

English Level IELTS TOEFL (iBT) Pearson's Exit to
EFS 3 4.5 (minimum writing score 4.5) 34 30 -
EFS 4 5.0 (minimum writing score 5.0) 40 36 Foundation Studies/ Diploma of Business/Diploma of IT
EFS 5 5.5 (minimum writing score 5.5) 55 42 Undergraduate degrees/Diploma of Health Sciences/Diploma of Bioscience/Diploma of Engineering/Diploma of Psychology
EFS 6 6.0 (minimum writing score 6.0) 75 50 Postgraduate programs/Diploma of Media and Communications

English program dates

Course dates 2020

Terms Start date (placement test) Classes start End of 5 weeks Public holidays/ study breaks
T1 2 January 7 January 7 February 27 January (Australia Day)
T2 6 February 10 February 13 March -
T3 12 March 16 March 24 April 10 – 14 April (Easter)
25 April (Anzac Day)
T4 23 April 27 April 29 May -
T5 4 June 9 June 10 July 8 June (Queen’s Birthday)
T6 9 July 13 July 14 August -
T7 20 August 24 August 25 September -
T8 1 October 5 October 6 November 3 Nov (Melbourne Cup)
T9 5 November 9 November 11 December -
Xmas Break       24 Dec 31 Dec

Course dates 2021

Terms Start date (placement test) Classes start End of 5 weeks Public holidays/ study breaks
T1 7 January 11 January 12 February 26 January (Australia Day)
T2 11 February 15 February 19 March -
T3 18 March 22 March 30 April 2 – 6 April (Easter)
7 & 8 April (Non‐Teaching days)
25 April (Anzac Day)
T4 29 April 3 May 4 June -
T5 10 June 15 June 16 July 14 June (Queen’s Birthday)
T6 15 July 19 July 20 August -
T7 26 August 30 August 1 October -
T8 7 October 11 October 12 November 2 Nov (Melbourne Cup)
T9 11 November 15 November 17 December -
Xmas Break       24 Dec 31 Dec

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