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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Project

La Trobe’s Digital Learning Strategy is a holistic approach to modern learner needs, encapsulating learning technology, course optimisation and academic professional development to improve learner outcomes.

The strategy is our response to the change in learner preferences and required skills for the global economy. We are now educating tech savvy digital-natives who need to be armed with the skills relevant to succeed in a competitive global job marketplace.

The strategy builds on the significant investment already made by La Trobe University in the area of digital curriculum design and development, and will equip staff with the ability to continually evolve course curriculum to student and industry needs.

Six step process

1. Establishing the steering group and development of Learning and Teaching principles (complete)

Multi-disciplinary steering groups are now meeting monthly and working towards implementing the learning and teaching principles.

The overarching learning and teaching principles are to build:

  • A developmental approach, with learning scaffolded across programs.
  • Engaging learning environments, with activities for students to develop and practise skills.
  • Building communities and encouraging connections between students, their teachers and their peers.
  • Personalised learning, with feedback to support and affirm learning.
  • Technology-enhanced learning, to support students in preparation for future studies in technology-rich environments.

2. Establishing the working groups and plans to lead each transformation stream (complete)

Working groups consisting of academics and professionals have created individual subject plans to drive the curriculum refresh. To support the transition, key leaders in the working groups have participated in training, mapped transition timelines and developed strategies to support whole staff knowledge deficits.

3. Curriculum Transformation Phase I – curriculum development of exemplar units (in progress)

Working groups are now in the process of developing exemplar units and experiencing the technical applications first-hand.

Check-back here for project updates and news.

4. Curriculum Transformation Phase II – begin redevelopment of bulk of units

5. Curriculum Transformation Phase III – consolidate and refine units

6. Professional Development for teaching staff – utilising FoLTO and Building in Navitas Core Moodle

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For further information on the project, please speak to your academic- or course-coordinator.