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Diploma of Psychology

The Diploma of Psychology introduces you to subjects relating to statistical modeling, psychology and human behavior, with a focus on clinical neuroscience. You’ll also learn about the psychology of culture and global citizenship, human relationships, or even animal-human relationships.
This diploma will set you on the knowledge path towards careers that help people emotionally and psychologically. You may also look at careers that include social planning and company resource management. You’ll learn about human behavior, neuroscience, brain structure and professional communication within the psychology field. You will have the opportunity to critically discuss how people and societies may have been impacted by global events and consider pathways to recovery.
When you successfully complete the Diploma of Psychology, you are eligible to transfer directly to the second year of your Bachelor of Psychological Science at La Trobe University.

Your direct pathway to La Trobe University

Secondary school





Year Domestic Student International Student Tuition Fee FEE-HELP




available for domestic students



Two or three trimesters


March, June & October 




Satisfactory completion of Year 12 English (any).

What You’ll Be Studying

Throughout your Diploma of Psychology, you’ll study four core units along with four electives from any other diploma, for a total of eight units before graduation.

Core Units

  • Scientific Foundations of Psychology (PPSY1SFP)
  • Introductory Psychology: Brain and Mind (PPSY1BAM)
  • Introductory Psychology: People and Culture (PPSY1PAC)
  • Applied Psychology (PPSY1APP)


Electives are subjects from any other Diploma course; any available four may be selected, for example:

  • Individual Determinants of Health (HPHE1IDH)
  • Introduction to Professional Practice (HHLT1IPP)
  • Sustainability (BBUS1SBY)
  • Social Determinants of Health (HPHE1SDH)
  • Working with Others (BMGT1OBE)
  • Professional Writing (MCRA1PWR)
  • Critical Thinking & Innovation (MPHI1CTO)

Entry into 2nd year of

  • Bachelor of Psychological Science

Please note a minimum weighted average mark (WAM) of 50 is required to progress into second year. See: Transferring to La Trobe University page

“ October intake students may undertake their diploma over 3 trimesters and should be eligible to articulate to LTU in March (semester 1), 18-months after beginning their diploma; this includes an expected 4-month study break between diploma and Bachelor.”

Popular careers at the completion of your bachelor degree

  • Psychological scientist
  • Advertising and Sales promotion
  • Government policy research and advisor
  • Social Engineer
  • Public relations officer
  • Psychological councillor

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