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La Trobe College Australia

Diploma of Media and Communication

The Diploma of Media and Communication provides an introduction to communications and journalism, broadcast media, screen and sound studies, strategic communication and writing. Students who successfully complete this diploma can progress their studies across a range of humanities disciplines at La Trobe University leading to careers in journalism, marketing, broadcasting and online content production, public relations, publishing, television and radio production and much more.
Students have the choice of studying on campus or online, or a combination of both.

Your direct pathway to La Trobe University

Secondary school





Year Domestic Student International Student Tuition Fee FEE-HELP




available for domestic students



Three trimesters


March, June & October




Eight units in total:

  • Writing for Media MMAC1WFM
  • The Interview MJRN1TIN
  • Adaptations: From Novel To Netflix MENG1001
  • The Emerging Journalist MJRN1TEJ
  • Professional Writing MCRA1PWR
  • Fundamentals of Marketing BMKT1MSD
  • Making Media MMAC1MME
  • Critical Thinking & Innovation MPHI1CTO

Entry into 2nd year of

  • Bachelor of Arts (Digital Media Major)*
  • Bachelor of Arts (any majors)
  • Bachelor of Media and Communication (all majors except Sports Media)**

* Students can take 2 majors. Digital Media must be one of the majors. Additionally, students may need to forfeit credit depending on second major.

** Students may choose from the following Majors and Minors:


  • Creative and Professional Writing
  • Journalism
  • Marketing
  • Media Industries

Minors include:

  • Creative and Professional Writing
  • Journalism
  • Digital Marketing Communication
  • Media Industries
  • Sports Media

*Student require a minimum weighted average mark (WAM) to progress into second year as listed in the table on the Transferring to University page.

Potential career paths at the completion of a bachelor degree

  • Advertising and Sales promotion
  • Government policy research
  • Journalism
  • Marketing
  • Broadcast and online content production
  • Media production
  • Public relations
  • Publishing and editing
  • Television and radio production

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