Change of Preference

Looking for a direct pathway to La Trobe University?

At La Trobe College Australia, we offer direct pathways in La Trobe University in both Melbourne and Sydney.

While your ATAR may not live up to your expectations, studying a Bachelor’s degree in your chosen field of study at La Trobe is still very achievable. Simply complete one of our 8 or 12 month diplomas.

About our pathway

We are located on La Trobe’s campus in both Melbourne and Sydney, so you’ll have access to almost all the University facilities and feel like a La Trobe student from Day 1. Our diploma programs are designed to take you into second year of your chosen La Trobe University degree upon successful completion. You will benefit from a more personalised teaching approach and smaller class room sizes.

Choose your course

Select the course you wish to study. You can also choose a packaged offer, which consists of a guaranteed offer for a diploma pathway course as well as a conditional offer for the bachelor component of your package. Once you’ve fulfilled all diploma progression requirements, you will move into the second year of your packaged bachelor degree.

Click HERE to see a list of courses and VTAC codes or apply direct if you want to study in Sydney.

How do preferences work?

VTAC preference system works as a wish list so always list your courses in the way you would like to receive an offer.

All of your VTAC preferences will be considered. You can list up to 8 courses and each institution will consider your application.

You can only get one offer per round – for the course highest on your preferences list that you are eligible for.

What to do with your offer

Once you have received your offer, you will have the opportunity to accept, reject or defer.

It is always recommended to accept your offer – this does not stop you from getting other offers in later rounds. The institution that has made you an offer will contact you with details of enrolment.

Need help?

Contact us today to speak about your options, we’re here to help: 

P: 61 3 9479 2404